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Christian Moore, MSW, LCSW, developed the WhyTry Program in 1996 to help at-risk youth bounce back from problems at home, at school, and with their peers. Over time, schools began implementing the program with all students, noting that the skills of resilience are vital for everyone. Over time, demand grew not only for the youth program, but for these strategies to be delivered to adults. For years, Christian spoke at over 100 events a year to audiences both in education and the corporate world about change-making through resilience. In July 2014, Christian’s four sources of resilience and his strategies for bouncing back were made available on a larger scale with the publication of his book, The Resilience Breakthrough: 27 Tools for Turning Adversity into Action. 

Today, you can bring the transformative strategies of resilience to your own staff or management team by booking a Resilience Breakthrough Training, or boost resilience (and morale) company-wide by bringing a Resilience Breakthrough Keynote to your next event. 

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